​​Generate Real Contacts Instead Of 

Just Adding Names To A List !

Building a list is a must, but wouldn't it be better to fill
it with people you have actually communicated with?

Notice that ​the Button at the top of this page ​is for
visitors ​to contact me for actual communication,
​rather than being squeezed onto a list!

Keeping It Simple

I can incorporate that button on Traffic Exchange Ads, all my other
website pages, online groups/forums and anyplace I need individuals
to get in contact with me. It's ​a basic connection and will even
include a note to reveal to me where it was clicked.​​

Offer Your Customers, Prospects, Referrals & Members
a Reliable Way To Contact You AND...
Earn Passive Income At The Same Time!

Try It Out

and let me know what you think!


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Sign-ups that join directly without a sponsor
are given to upgraded members.
If you receive a random referral who is upgraded
you will get those commissions.
This is just one of the perks of upgrading.​

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